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As the environmental leader in the cleaning industry Top Hat Cleaners understands our responsibility not only to provide superior quality & service but we also have an obligation not to harm our environment. 

We are accomplishing this by offering a professional cleaning method (Wet Cleaning), which is non-toxic “Eco-Friendly (Organic)”, environmentally safe alternative to dry cleaning. This proven system uses water along with computer-controlled washers and dryers, biodegradable detergents & conditioners, and various types of pressing equipment that may be specialized for many different fabric and trims used today.


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers it one of the safest professional cleaning methods; its benefits include no hazardous chemical use, no hazardous waste generation, no air pollution and reduced potential for water and soil contamination.”

At Top Hat Cleaners we are not only committed to not harming the environment but also proactive in reducing energy. We use advanced energy saving procedures and specialized equipment to reduce water consumption, hydro & gas.  Finally we also recycle hangers through our customers return policy.


Our cleaning facility has been the 1st “Environmentally Certified” Dry Cleaner in Ontario since 2002.  The Ontario Ministry of Environment rewards this certification.


Our professional Eco-Friendly cleaning method is gentler than hand washing, and effectively cleans a full range of garments. It protects fabrics, and safely removes stains and odors while leaving your cloths smelling fresh, clean, and soft to the touch.


We invite you to discover the difference!